January 22, 2011

The Real First Post

 If you want that your work cause a really good impression, you need to have a "special care" with the name of it.
 Well, I can't say that I had this "special care" with the name of my stickmen series. When the first episode was ready, I had to think quickly on a name to my series. Then I put my creativity to work: "Since most of the ideas for my videos came from everyday events, let's call it 'Normal Days'..."
 At that day, I considered it a good name, since it's not bad, and there is a lot of videos with this name, so my animation would have more chance to appear at the searchs.
 However, after some days, I realized that it's not a original name, and it doesn't fit very well in my kind of video.

 So I decided to change the name. Now it will be "Not Safe!". It's more original, nicer, and really fit im my kind of work.
 The title of the next episode will be "Not Safe!: Ep.2 - ........", continuing my series.

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