(Possibly) Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, these questions aren't, exactly, asked frequently, but they are likely to show up.

What programs do you use?

Until the fourth episode, I used a combination of Stykz + Gimp + Audacity + Windows Live Movie Maker. In the fifth episode, I used Stykz + Gimp + Audacity + OpenShot. After the fifth, I stopped using Openshot (it's very buggy!) and started to use Kdenlive, an amazing swiss video editor!. The 2011' Christmas Special, however, was not made in Stykz. Synfig was used, and will probably be used in all the future animations.
Now, it's possibly to say that the Not Safe! videos are made using only free and open-source programs!

When you post new videos?

In a totally perfect world, I would have a lot of free time and I would post a new video at each two weeks. However, this perfect world doesn't exist and I don't have much free time, so I can't say when a new video is going to be released, because it depends of a lot of other factors.

Where do you get your sound effects?

From one of the world's nicest and useful sites: The Freesound Project!.

Why is the first episode named as "Normal Days", instead of "Not Safe!"?

Because I decided to change the name after have posted the first episode. Actually, what happened was: I finished the first episode and was ready to uploaded it. However, I haven't got any name for it. In a fast idea, I decided to call it "Normal Days". But then I realized how "Not Safe!" fits better and sounds nicer than "Normal Days". Then, the second episode was posted as "Not Safe!", and so the other episodes.

Your English is incorrect and sounds strange...

Sorry for that, it's because I am still trying to dominate it completely (english is not my native language).

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