January 3, 2013

Daily Report: Kdenlive render problems

The Episode 6 Preview: "Stuck on My Head" is done and ready to go!

Today I did all the final editing and added the sound effects. As stated on the previous post, the lack of voice acting represents a challenge on the audio part; but after all the work I am happy with the sound effects applied.

Unlike the single "If Gifts Could Talk", I took more care with the sounds. I edited some sounds on Audacity to fit them better on the context of the animation, and the result is pretty good. Unfortunately, you will still feel the "lack of something", due to the non spoken dialogue.

Adding sound effects with Kdenlive.

After beating the sound challenge, I found out I would have to face another trouble: Kdenlive refusing to render the animation.

The rendering process was taking less than 1 seconds and it was generating empty files.

After some time trying to fix it, I tried to run Kdenlive as root and strangely everything worked fine. Searching on the internet, I found other people having problems with Kdenlive on the Ubuntu 12.10. It must be something with this version of Ubuntu.

Anyway, I finally could render the video. But it wasn't perfect at all: Kdenlive was desynchronizing the clips. Fortunately, it was creating a difference of only a few frames. However, it is something that shouldn't happen. I tried to compensate by throwing all the sound clips a few frames ahead, but had no success.

As this problem wasn't an "animation killing" problem, I decided to go with it. In other words, I am sorry but the animation will be released with this "defect". I will do some searches on the Internet to find a solution so this incovenience do not happen on future animations.

Anyway, the new video will be uploaded tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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