October 9, 2012

Not Safe! on Funny or Die

I heard about Funny or Die some months ago, and since then I had the idea of uploading some animations from Not Safe! there. And, more or less one week later, I did uploaded!

The animation chosen was "Mixer Man Trainee". It is there right now, you can watch it here. It achieved 31 views and the meter says 100% Funny. That's good, right? I mean, it is not a lot of views, and those 31 views really do not mean that 31 persons voted on "Funny". But it is good anyway.

Maybe I shall post more videos there. But only the new ones. However, I am not sure if Funny or Die is a place for the Not Safe! Series. Most of the videos there, at least the ones on the main page, are videos with real actors (and we are talking about famous actors); I could not find many animations there. Besides that, most of them are professional videos, and, despite the fact that I put a lot of effort on my videos, they could be classified as "amateur". There is nothing wrong with being an amateur (it is part of the process, right?), but Funny or Die might be more about professionally produced content.

Anyway, I am going to upload one or two more videos (and these videos are the ones I am currently working on, not the ones released already) to see "how the public react", in the hope of achieving a good number of videos and a good value on the funny meter.

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