November 11, 2012

Upcoming single, "The Box 2", and Episode 6

The Box 2 is the upcoming single of the Not Safe! Series. It will be released probably on the next week or on the week after the next week.

As stated on the previous post, it is a continuation of the single The Box. Initially, that single was not meant to have a sequence. It was just a simple idea I had, of an animation about something unexpected. But after some time, I realized I could pick the main character (the guy with the box) and actually create a storyline with him. And the result is two new singles: The Box 2 and The Box 3.

On the past three weeks, I have been working on one scene of The Box 2 per day. Now, I am close to finishing it.

Desktop screenshot of a scene of The Box 2 being worked on Synfig
Working on the amazing Synfig

After the release of the single How an hamburger gets made, I realized that rushing to make videos faster is a bad business. That single came out full of flaws (I intend to remake it, by the way). So, this time, I decided to make every scene correctly, taking a good care with the details and the animation of the characters. So, naturally, it took more time to make than the previous animations.

Besides this new single, I am also thinking of about starting to produce the Episode 6. It will follow the same format of the previous episodes: a compilation of 5 or 6 animations/skits.

Below, a promotion image I made of the new episode:

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