December 18, 2012

Daily Report: Making gifts talk

The first scene of "If Gifts Could Talk" is now done, what means half animation is complete (the full animation is composed by 2 scenes; seems little, but these are 2 long scenes).

In this scene, the green gift and the red gift have a dialogue. This is the first time in Not Safe! that an actual dialogue happens.

I am really happy with these characters!

As I don't have any good voice actors and I can't find movie quotes that say the exact sentence I need, I decided to put text to represent the character speech.

Seems a rather strange conversation of gifts.

I tried to make the characters faces to be very expressive, so it is possible to imagine how the character said the sentence, how was its emotional state at that moment.

That's it, end of the report. Time to play Metro 2033!

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