December 16, 2012

Daily Report: Setting up the first scene of "If Gifts Could Talk"

Today I did all the work to set up the visual of the first scene of "If Gifts Could Talk", the special, Christmas themed, single of Not Safe!

On the previous post, I showed a first version of the main character. Now, I completed its design adding a happy smile and some sort of ambient occlusion effect on his arms and legs.

Also, the second character was done. It is built in the same base of the first one.

The scenario is done too. At first, I though about putting a Christmas tree and a toy train on the background, but it would be very time consuming to make those on Gimp and I didn't find any good images to use. So I did a simple wall and floor of wood, added a carpet, some gifts on the background, some Christmas lights on the bottom and illumination to the all scene.

Some sort of "Ambient Occlusion" effect on the elements of the scene (click to view the larger image to notice the effect better).

The first scene of the single. Note the light effect of on the center of the carpet.

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