December 23, 2012

Release schedule: bringing fun for Fridays!

Keeping a schedule to release new videos is a good thing. Besides keeping things organized, the public is more likely to come back if it knows when there will be a new video available.

That's why I want to officially set a new schedule to release new videos of the Not Safe! Series:

-> New videos will be posted biweekly at fridays

I think that two weeks will provide enough time to deliver new content taking a good care with the technical details and without the need of rushing.

If for some reason I finish a new video before the two weeks period, I will post it before, but it will be always on fridays.

I have followed this schedule on the most recent singles (more or less), as both The Box 2 and If Gifts Could Talk were posted at fridays (but with a three weeks period between them).

Oh, another detail. This blog will also follow a schedule:

-> New posts are available daily or at each two days

Merry Christmas everyone!

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