January 2, 2013

Daily Report: Dressed characters

Okay, all the comemorative dates are done for now; time to go back to work!

The first video of 2013 will be a preview of the Episode 6. More especifically, it will be a single version of a skit that will appear on the episode.

The episode itself I don't know when it will be finished. But this preview will be available on Fryday, January 4th.

The skit of the preview is called "Stuck on my head", and it is set on a snow storm. Just like the single "If Gifts Could Talk", is centered on a dialogue.

I started to work on it a few weeks ago, but I gave it a break to make the Christmas special single. Now, I am going to finish it.

The characters were already done, but today I improved them by adding shadows. I also started to animate the first scene.

Character without shadows

Character with shadows. In this version, you can notice the clothes volume thanks to these shadows

Focus on the characters head

First concept of the character. It seems strange without the clothes, don't you think?

This is the first time that the characters receive clothes. The ideia to put a vestment on the stick figures came to solve a problem that I identified while making the single "How an hamburger gets made": how to represent feminine characters? That single featured a female characters, the teacher, but the only element that identified she as a "she" is the hair. But there is something else missing, the "feminine curves". You know what I am talking about, right? But imagine if I put all the "curves" on a character without any kind of clothes... The figure would seem naked!

First scene of the skit (without the snow storm effect applied)

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