January 6, 2013

I know they are good when I want to watch them over and over again

Making good animations is a difficult work. Not only because of the technical and "physical" work required (make the backgrounds on Gimp, animating the characters on Synfig, adding sounds with Kdenlive, etc), but also because the pressure to "tell a good joke".

Primarily, the Not Safe! Series is a humorous series. Obviously, this means its content is meant to be funny, and making something funny is hard, especially because I don't want to "tell the same jokes" that many other series do.

A "meter" that I use to know when my animation is good is how many times I like to watch it again.

I am going to be honest: not all content I made and released achieved a high value on my meter. In other words, there is some videos that I myself don't like that much, or that I know I could have done better.

But there is content I made that, even I knowing it has flaws, I really like and actually like to watch many times. The 2012 Christmas themed single "If Gifts Could Talk", for example, is an animation that I often watch. "Mixer Man Trainee" and the Episode 4 are other of my own videos that I enjoy.

Actually, I think this is my best animation of 2012.

I am generally confident on showing off these videos to other people because I like them and I know they are good.

But, no matter what is the final quality of my productions, I like to think all animations I make are an "experimentation". As some sort of indie productor, there is no content standards to follow, and I am always trying to find what kind of humor I am good with. And even if I did find someday, I will still do experimentations.

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