January 16, 2013

The 2nd anniversary: thank you and good bye!

The Not Safe! Series had its second anniversary yesterday! Wow, two years of Not Safe! Series... I really was persistent...

This post is meant to just put an end on the series. The Not Safe! Series is over.

I really was on the mood to continue the series on the past months, even with the low number of views. The fun of making videos kept me on it. But, that's just not enough.

The number of views on my videos is hilariously low and I don't see any point in continuing the series like this.

Besides the fiasco this series is, another reason for me to abandon it is that I plan to start a new one. But a really good one. This new series, however, will take months to get done, so you will only see it probably after august of this year.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who watched any video of the Not Safe! Series and a special thanks to those who subscribe to its Youtube channel.

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